Awards are designed to recognize outstanding achievements of members involved with psychological type at the international, national and local levels.


Gordon Lawrence Educational Achievement Award – The Gordon Lawrence Educational Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the field of education that promotes the constructive use of psychological type.

Innovations Award – The Innovation Award recognizes significant innovations in the development of, the teaching of and/or the practice/implementation of type or its theory.  This could involve ground-breaking theory development, innovation type identification methods, or innovative practical applications of psychological type.

Excellence in APTI Leadership Award – The Excellent in APTi Ledership Award recognizes significant volunteer leadership contribution to APTi at any organization level (e.g., country, region, chapter, or interest area) or in any field of service.  This Award is to honor and appreciate consistent and dedicated service to APTi, in any of our umbrella organizations and all APTi-affiliated groups or units.  There can be up to 3 recipients of this award.

Mary McCaulley Lifetime Achievement Award – The Mary McCaulley Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who, through a body of work spanning a number of years, has made a significant contribution in encouraging the constructive use of differences identified by psychological type.

Otto Kroeger Organizational Excellence Award – The Otto Kroeger Organizational Excellent Award honors an organization outside the field of psychological type for ethically using type to improve its business practices and the work lives of its employees.

President’s Award – During each APTi conference, the Presidents of APTi (past, current, and elect) may honor exceptional service to the Association.  The recipient of the Presidents’ Award is a person who has contributed time and talent over many years, supporting the work of APTi by serving on committees, working on other APTi initiatives & activities, and promoting the ethical use of type within their communities.

Linda Beren’s Award – The Linda Berens Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the use of ethical standards in the use of type expertise.

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