How's Your Brain Wired?

Apply neuro-imaging to assess and grow your potential

1-hour live brain-imaging session + audio debrief, 25-page report, and book with Dario Nardi, PhD

Salt Lake City, Utah July 18-19, at the APTi Conference

This 21st-century technology uses passive, harmless sensors to rapidly and accurately measure brainwaves as you try various tasks. Afterward, computer analysis reveals what engages you most and brain regions that are wired from years of habits and preferences.Afterward, your personalized report and audio brief will reveal your skills, challenges, and unique flavor of personality.Results reflect your upbringing,career, relationships, and deep psychological functions. You will receive specific brain-based tips to make the most of your career, learning, and relationships.

Check out more information here and register through Dario at the link at the bottom of the PDF