APTi's Annual Appeal

"We Want to Make Sure There’s a World with Effective Type Knowledge" - Susan Nash

Dear APTi Supporter:

We are writing today to ask you to make a gift to APTi.

As long-time members of the APTi team, we have seen how people are called to type and it is easy to understand why. Type helps facilitate growth, understanding and … harmony! In other words, type makes a difference in this world. And, it’s clear that creating a better world is needed now more than ever.

Often times, however, people learn about type using inaccurate, poor-quality resources on the Internet. As a result, individuals, teams and organizations then fail to harness the positive aspects of type. We want to ensure there’s accurate and relevant information about type in order to harness its potential.

As we continue our work and spread the word about the power of type, we ask for your support of this year’s Annual Appeal – whether you decide to volunteer your time or help us with a donation.

First of all, we could use your time! So many of you have gifts that would help keep this organization strong for future generations. Please consider volunteering. Whether it’s helping with the conference, the Bulletin or on a chapter level, APTi needs your talents. If you would like to volunteer whether it’s helping with the conference, at a Chapter level, with the Bulletin, the membership committee, or whatever piques your interest, please contact us at [email protected]

If you are unable to volunteer your time, please consider investing in growing effective type knowledge by making a donation.

All donations are tax-deductible and donors will be acknowledged as part of APTi’s Wall of Giving

APTi is built on a rich legacy of a generous community willing to offer their time, talent and treasures. Please help us to continue that legacy as we shape the future together. Please complete the form here and support APTi today! Thank you so  much for your consideration.

Your APTi Board of Directors