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Type and Body Language - Carol Shumate, Ph.D.
Saturday, March 27, 2021, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
Category: APTi Chapter Events

This program is presented by the Sacramento Association for Psychological Type (SacAPT) chapter. 

To see ourselves as others see us: This is the great gift of psychological type. Now, the wealth of videos available on the internet have made psychological type more visible than ever. In one of her most popular presentations, Carol uses videos to show participants how each type presents to others, as well as how to spot type clues at a glance.

When we know how others view our type, our presentation style naturally moderates without effort. When we know how other types present, we can begin to distinguish between psychological type and character, which gives us a better radar for lies and manipulative tactics.

Although we develop many of our opposite sides as we mature, the physical manifestations of type tend not to change as we mature. Therefore, paying attention to facial expressions, bodily movement, and speech patterns can help us identify an individual's earliest and most natural preferences, regardless of the reported type. Carol has correlated body language with the E/I scale, the J/P scale, and the eight Jungian functions (Si, Se, Ni, Ne, etc.) in a process she developed to teach her students to assess themselves and others. She uses videos of young people who are still exploring their personalities, so their type characteristics are exaggerated. These videos will have participants laughing at themselves and their type tribes, as they spot the clues to type with the aid of a proprietary handout drawn from Carol’s new book, Projection and Personality Development via the Eight-Function Model (Routledge 2021). Participants will also have the opportunity to share their own tips and tricks for recognizing type.


Note: Not all 16 types can be presented in the time allotted, so the presentation will be limited to the types of the first dozen individuals to register, unless there is time for more. However, Carol will take requests if they are made ahead of time. Also note that some but not all of these videos were shown in February 2020 at a presentation for the San Diego APT.


Carol Shumate, Ph.D. (ENFP), teaches the course “Psychological Types” at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she uses film and video to help students assess their own types. She is a founding editor of the journal Personality Type in Depth, whose mission is to bridge psychological type and depth psychology. Her book Projection and Personality Development via the Eight-Function Model (Routledge 2021) shows how John Beebe’s eight-function/eight-archetype model of personality type can be used to provide a trajectory of development for each of the sixteen Myers-Briggs® types.

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