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Soulwork: The Marriage of Neuroscience and Archetype - Sandra Nelson (ENFJ)
Saturday, March 12, 2022, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM PDT
Category: APTi Chapter Events

This virtual program is presented by the Bay Area Association for Psychological Type (BAAPT) chapter.

Join us as Sandra Nelson helps us explore the connection of spirituality and type.

  • Spirituality is a universal phenomenon found in all cultures and in every age.  C.G. Jung postulated that the God archetype found in the collective unconscious held the highest position in its hierarchy of archetypes.  
  • In addition, new findings in neuroscience propose that we are hard wired to be spiritual, and this spiritual impulse lies in our uniquely human brain design.  
  • Our type preferences can also indicate a direction toward integration and wholeness, and they can help us find a spiritual path that can be most life giving.  
  • The founders of the great religions have been mentors for the journey, but in this postmodern age, secular spiritual practices may also provide a path to the sacred for people who seek a way outside traditional religion.   

This presentation is geared to All levels of type knowledge.



Sandra Nelson has been using type with individuals and organizations for over thirty years. Looking to expand practical uses of the MBTI®, she developed applications of type theory to principles of stress management, organizational values and spirituality which she presented at APTi regional and national conferences. Her interest spirituality motivated her to her to create workshops focusing on women’s spirituality and the spirituality of aging for retreat centers and churches. She was a member of the founding Board of Directors of the Capital City Chapter Association for Psychological Type (now known as SacAPT), and currently serves on the SacAPT Board. Sandra has ENFJ preferences.




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