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Intentional Styles—The Fourth Lens - Linda Berens, Ph.D.
Saturday, December 04, 2021, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST
Category: APTi Chapter Events

This program is presented by the Sacramento Association for Psychological Type (SacAPT) chapter.

I often wondered why someone with ISFJ preferences would look more like INTP than ISFJ. I also noticed that a person with ISFP preferences and another person with INTJ preferences seeming to ‘vibrate’ in sync in meetings. So what was up with that?

You may be familiar with the common three ways of looking at type in a multiple model approach to type—Cognitive Dynamics (aka 8 Functions), Interaction Styles, and Essential Motivators (aka Temperament). Now there is a fourth lens that will give you more ways to verify best fit, get at conflict, and increase mutual understanding and respect for yourself and your clients, friend, family, and workmates.

We will explore this relatively new typology model that can explain these similarities. Discover the essential qualities of the four Intentional Styles: Enhancing, Orchestrating, Customizing, and Authenticating so you can do more with type.

Learning Objectives 

  1. Identify the commonalities of the four type patterns within each Intentional Style and why they make sense
  2. Recognize the core drives, intentions, talents, and stressors of each Intentional Style
  3. Identify ways to put this model to use in their different areas of practice, such as Coaching, Teambuilding, Career Development, and more
  4. Identify ways to use this lens to help people clarify their type

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