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Using Behavioral Cues to Identify Type - Joyce Meng
Saturday, January 22, 2022, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
Category: APTi Chapter Events

This program is presented by the Sacramento Association for Psychological Type (SacAPT) chapter.

Have you ever wondered how to spot a person’s dominant and inferior function? This workshop is designed to give you some tricks and tips to help identify them both when working with clients and in everyday life. 

I’ll begin by walking you through the theory of how each cognitive function operates in the dominant and inferior position. I’ll then teach you how to interpret the behavioral cues that typically manifest within individuals based on their dominant and inferior functions. By the end of the session, you’ll have some practical guidelines to take away to help you figure out anyone’s type.


About Joyce:

Joyce is a multi-disciplined typology practitioner, coach and profiler, and the founder of TypeTalks.

A certified MBTI® Master Practitioner, master NLP practitioner, and certified Gallup® CliftonStrengths coach, Joyce entered the world of typology and coaching to fulfill her love for helping others and her passion for psychology. Her business was founded upon the community of type enthusiasts she created through her YouTube channel, TypeTalks.

In her practice, Joyce blends together her spiritual philosophy of holding the unseen facets and needs of every individual as both beautiful and sacred, with her multi-disciplined approach to adopting a wide range of typology systems and tools. The result is nurturing soul development facilitated by deep wisdom and insight.

Together with Susan Storm of Psychology Junkie, Joyce has co-created an INFJ Inspired Mentorship Program - a program designed to provide insight, coaching and ongoing community specifically for INFJs.

Joyce has developed her own type theory and framework, which she plans to share through her upcoming book and website.

Profiling and coaching with Joyce:

To get typed by Joyce or request her coaching services you can book a session here.


Joyce offers the following options:

Typing session with Joyce and another profiler - $70

​Coaching session with Joyce (once you know your MBTI® type) - $40 per hour

Get in touch with Joyce:

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Email - [email protected]

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