About Spirituality and Well-Being

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

-C.G. Jung

As the theory of heliotropism suggests, a plant naturally reaches towards the light. Carl Jung also recognized this same trait within all of us. It is our nature to become more, to access the creative source within us and allow it to expand and grow. Spirituality invites a going within, a journey that may last a moment or a lifetime in this seeking of inner truth. Well-Being is the result of successful expeditions into this realm and the revealing of our true gifts. These gifts are a reflection of our calling as we become consciously aware of the role we play in this unfolding. I would like to explore this world with you.

Leader Bio

MaureenKellyMaureen is an author and workshop leader involved in the following modalities: chakra yoga, acupressure, sound healing, meditation, aromatherapy and vibrational healing for animals. She has also been a consultant in the many uses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for over 25 years working with all size businesses and individuals to increase communication and awareness of life direction. The major theme that runs through all of her learning and teaching is the practice of WELLNESS – and the role that we play in celebrating our own personal Well-Being. Her book ‘Energy Types: Personality, Chakras & Balance’ is a perfect reflection of howWHO we are can influence HOW we are – emotionally, physically and spiritually – and how we can come into and maintain balance through holistic means.