About The Sales And Marketing Interest Area:

Type is used extensively in workplace settings to improve the harmony of the group, but not so much in the area of marketing and sales. And that is a shame, because the same interpersonal dynamics are also present between the business and its customers. When type is applied to marketing and sales, customers notice a difference. They feel that they are part of the business and what to help it succeed. That means they are more willing to purchase the products and services the business has to offer. In essence, when type theory is applied to sales and marketing, friction throughout the whole sales process is reduced. That improves cash flow through a shortened sales cycle, makes businesses more profitable, and makes the customer want to repeat their purchases again and again.

The main goal of the Sales and Marketing is to provide practical ways to introduce type theory into the revenue producing arm of business, thereby increasing the profitability of the enterprise. In addition, we explore the role of personality type has in:

  1. Reducing the confusion that people have with marketing and sales.
  2. Showing the practical applications of Type to those people that might not otherwise gravitate toward type theory.
  3. Providing practitioners and coaches materials that they can use with their own clients.
  4. Helping to improve the marketing and sales efforts of Type practitioners.
  5. Lowering the level of fear people have when thrown into sales situations.
  6. Showing how to Temperament-typing prospects at a glance.

More Information

See our Sales & Marketing Blog for tips and techniques on using Type in your business.

Leader Bio:


Tim Van Milligan is the leader of the Sales and Marketing interest area.

Tim Van Milligan (ISTJ) is a business owner, entrepreneur and conference speaker based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also an author of several books on copywriting and marketing, including the books “Emotional Copywriting,” and “Selling Yourself: Advanced Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job.” He brings a practical application of MBTI to the world of sales and marketing, showing how to meet the customers needs by engaging their natural personality preferences. It is a less stressful way of selling, because when you know your customer better than your competitor, you become a consultant instead of a salesman.