I welcome you to explore the theory and research related to personality type with the members of this interest group and association. Our goal is to continue to examine evidence and consider topics relevant to perspectives on psychological type. My proposition to you is that this area will be as exciting and interesting as you are willing to participate and contribute.   You can contact me here.

Leader Bio:

Greg Husczco leads the Theory and Research interest area.

Greg Husczco leads the Theory and Research interest area.

Greg Huszczo holds his doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University. His main areas of expertise are in the fields of organizational change, leadership, teams, union-management relations and personalities. He was first exposed to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator by Dr. Cecil Williams in the late 1960’s. Since then he has used the updated versions of the MBTI instrument and its framework in his research, teaching, leadership coaching, and OD consulting practice. He has worked with over 200 organizations as they wrestled with the complicated issues of change including some in the manufacturing sector (e.g. Ford Motor Company, Visteon, General Motors, Freightliner, Navistar, Caterpillar, La-Z-Boy, Kellogg’s, British Petroleum); in the service sector (e.g. Australian Postal System, Metropolitan Airport Authority, VA Patient Safety Center plus several hospitals, city administrations, universities, and school systems); for unions (e.g. UAW, USW, AFSCME, SEIU, UA); and for institutes (e.g. National Coalition for Community and Justice, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Facility Management Institute, and several Labor-Management Associations).

Greg has presented at ten APT international conferences and many regional and local chapters as well.  He also serves as the Chairperson of the Theory and Research Interest Group of APTi.  Greg has written over 60 peer reviewed articles and papers and four books: (Toward a More Organizationally Effective Training Strategy and Practice, Prentice-Hall/Reston Business Book Division, 1986; Tools for Team Effectiveness, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 1996, 2010; Tools for Team Leadership, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2004, 2010) and his latest book, Making a Difference by Being Yourself (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2009, 2010), which show you how to use your personality to make a difference at work and in your relationships.

Please send your comments to me as you read articles in the Bulletin and Journal, or attend meetings and you hear something you feel is worth sharing for everyone. You can send email to [email protected]