Saturday, March 9, 2024

(9 a.m. to noon PT, 11 a.m.  to 1 p.m. CT, 12 noon to 3 p.m. ET) 

This presentation is sponsored by the SF Bay Area Chapter (BAAPT)

Invite your friends and join us virtually on March 9th when our Se-Dom and Si-Dom panelists will take a deeper look at the nature of perception using the Sensing function. This knowledge can be helpful for people of all 16 MBTi® types, as we all use our Se and Si functions.

We will explore:

-- What S-dominant types say they want people to understand about them

-- How we can bring out the best in these types when we work, live, or are friends with them

-- Examples of the "opposing personality" phenomenon for the Se-Si combination

-- And much more!

Get ready for what is sure to be a fascinating panel discussion.

Karen Keefer, MA obtained her MBTI® qualification in 1987, and has used type in a variety of settings over the last 35 years. She was a trainer for APTi's MBTI Qualifying program for 13 years and served as Director of that program.

Karen is an expert in the technique of type-based guided imagery originated by William Yabroff, and with him co-authored Four Gifts of the Mind, a workbook and CD set for using this technique to promote type development.

In addition to her work as a trainer and consultant, Karen has given numerous presentations at APTi conferences and at chapters. She is a member and a past President of BAAPT Her Best-Fit Type is INTJ.

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