AptI Keynote Series 2021 -- A Smashing Success!

Hoping to offer our members meaningful programming, we launched the Summer Keynote Series over four Thursdays in July and August.

Our lineup was stellar: Rob Toomey of Type Coach, Rich Thompson of The Myers Briggs Company, Roger Pearman of TalentTelligent, and Jane Kise of Differentiated Coaching Associates. Each of them delivered highly engaging presentations that stimulated participants’ thinking and produced amazing conversations.

They addressed topics that are top of mind: ensuring that type remains relevant, counteracting criticisms of type, understanding why research is so important, and addressing equity issues through the lens of type.

Here’s a brief rundown of just some of the highlights from their presentations:

· Rob kicked the series off with a discussion of how the essence of understanding type is in helping people to understand themselves so they can apply their knowledge in their work with others. He emphasized how important it is for the type community to bridge to people who aren’t already familiar with type; lots of them are getting bad information on the internet, and the type community is not currently connecting with them.

· Rich took on type critics directly, including Merve Emre and ‘Persona.’ He cited resources for addressing skeptics, and he called for new type research.

· Drawing heavily on quotes from Jung, Roger discussed the underlying principles of type—how they are relevant today, how type critics misinterpret them, and how much we need to encourage continuing type research.

· Jane drove home that equity is related to fairness—and the different concepts of what “fairness” is from the perspective of Thinking and Feeling preferences. She also talked about how everyone benefits from gender equity and the role of culture in type expression.

Our type community has an abundance of talented people who share their time and expertise. APTi is committed to continuing to deliver this level of high-quality programming to increase our members’ type knowledge and skills.

Many thanks to our presenters, and to the APTi volunteers who served as emcees and producers.