2022 Winter Conference

Save the Dates!  Feb. 25-26

Themes Include:

  • Jungian Perspectives
  • Type and Brain Science
  • Type for a New Generation

Details coming soon.


 Type and the Ladder of Ego Development 

A webinar with Angelina Bennet

       Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. PST

(1 p.m. CST,  2 p.m. EST)


While it is true that no Type is any better than any other, there are visible differences in how we express our Type. Obviously, some of this is due to our environment, experience, upbringing and general individuality; however, the effectiveness with which we use our Type can often be linked to our stage of development and/or ability to cope with pressure.

In this session, Angelina will describe Ego Development Theory (Loevinger; Cook-Greuter) and how we can combine this with Type to give a ‘vertical’ dimension to our understanding of Type. Parallels with Jung’s and Myers’ theories of type development, and a brief look at the empirical support for this theory will be included.


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