Response to the Article in the Guardian

You may not read the Guardian newspaper, but it is an important publication in the UK. And because it is online, it is readily available around the world.

 On Aug. 30, 2021, the Guardian ran an article entitled, “What personality type are you? How the Myers-Briggs test took over the world.” As we all know, it isn’t a test! But that was just the first of many errors and misrepresentations.

 The criticisms of the MBTI® are seemingly endless. As part of APTi’s commitment to upholding the ethical use of type, we believe it’s necessary to address falsehoods and misstatements about type and the MBTI®. It’s in our mission statement: “…APTi is a global membership organization committed to advancing the responsible, constructive, and ethical use of personality type….”

 The reporter begins the article by stating how empowering her discovery of her ENTJ preferences was—until she connected with Merve Emre. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because she was the executive producer of ‘Persona,’ the HBO docudrama (that was presented as a documentary). You may recall that Roger Pearman published an article about ‘Persona’s’ inaccuracies that is posted on our website. And, by the way, the reporter hadn’t taken an official assessment or verified her type.

 We could dissect the deficiencies of the article. But there isn’t a lot we could say that differs materially from the points that Roger made. Or the points we made in a letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to an article in that newspaper that was published in 2019 and is also on our website.

 In fact, in some ways this article is actually less critical than many. But they contribute to an environment where the criticisms are perpetuated again and again. And we think APTi is the right organization to take this on. We are going to contact several of our respected friends in the type community to see if there is interest in developing a strategy to address the falsehoods about type that are being promoted over and over—and finally put them to rest.

 Stay tuned. We’ll keep you informed. If you have ideas to contribute to this important effort, let us know at [email protected]


 Intentional Styles:  The Fourth Lens

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​I often wondered why someone with ISFJ preferences would look more like INTP than ISFJ. I also noticed that a person with ISFP preferences and another person with INTJ preferences seeming to ‘vibrate’ in sync in meetings. So what was up with that?

You may be familiar with the common three ways of looking at type in a multiple model approach to type—Cognitive Dynamics (aka 8 Functions), Interaction Styles, and Essential Motivators (aka Temperament). Now there is a fourth lens that will give you more ways to verify best fit, get at conflict, and increase mutual understanding and respect for yourself and your clients, friend, family, and workmates.

We will explore this relatively new typology model that can explain these similarities. Discover the essential qualities of the four Intentional Styles: Enhancing, Orchestrating, Customizing, and Authenticating so you can do more with type.

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