Association Francophone des Types Psychologiques (AFTP)

Created in 1994, the Francophone Association of Psychological Types , brings together practitioners of tools developed from the typology of Carl Gustav Jung.

Human Resources managers, consultants, coaches, trainers: all our members are professionals who have obtained certification for the use of one or more tools of the Jungian typology

Our vocation is to create a link between practitioners, to promote spaces for exchange and information, and to allow them to improve their practice around the culture of the Psychological Types of Carl Gustav Jung.


Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusAPT)

Making personality type relevant to work and life since 1992

An AusAPT membership instantly opens the doors to the exciting and expanding field of personality types and a global network of passionate people interested in diverse applications of Type.

       Expanding Knowledge – Sharing Experience – Enriching Networks

AusAPT provides professional recognition of your knowledge of psychological Type and allows you to keep up-to-date through exposure to local and international experts. An AusAPT membership allows you to share and publish your knowledge and expertise in recognised forums and publications. Feel part of an informed, warm and welcoming community and share your Type experiences


British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT)

The British Association for Psychological Type(BAPT) is a non-profit body of individuals interested in broadening and deepening their understanding of people through the lens of Psychological Type and related concepts. We network to exchange ideas, discuss applications and enjoy talking Type.

Additionally BAPT aims to promote best practice and ethical standards in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and other Type related instruments.  We provide access to workshops, conferences, Type publications and networking events all aimed at enhancing the expertise of Type practitioners.

Why join BAPT?

  • Access to high profile speakers
  • Continuing professional development – whether you qualified years ago, or recently – there is always something to learn. Attendees at all events receive a CPD Certificate
  • Receive the BAPT magazine TypeFace and access to articles from sister organisations from around the world
  • Be included on the Registered Practitioner referrals list, if you are a qualified user
  • Discounts for conferences, seminars, type questionnaires