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Here is a list of previous virtual programs presented by APTi. Free access to all of these programs (except where noted) comes with a Premium or Loyal membership.  To become a member or renew click here.

2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - 2023


Type and Innovation - How to Get Everyone's Best Ideas with Pam Rechel

Exploring 3 Parent Dilemmas and Ways to Address Them with Elizabeth Murphy

If only I knew then what I know now with Selu Winnenberg

Author Roundtable with Catherine Stothart


Videos from our 2022 Fall Conference can be purchased here.

     The 2022 Fall Conference program can be found here.

Arche(type): The Meeting of Nurture (Archetype) and Nature (Type) with Yvonne Nelson-Reid, PhD & Kesstan Blandin, PhD

Author Roundtable with Karen Keefer

Teaching and Learning Through the Four Perceiving Functions with Jane Kise Ed.D.

Type and Innovation - How to Get Everyone’s Best Ideas with Pam Rechel 

Emotions. Ego. Type - A Tripod of Development with Elizabeth Murphy, Ph.D.

Author Roundtable with Carol Shumate, Ph.D.

Jung Art and Typology with Vicky Jo Varner, Ph.D.

Videos from our 2022 Winter Conference can be purchased here.

     The 2022 Winter Conference program can be found here.



Let's Talk: Unraveling Whiteness with Laurie Lippin, Ph.D. - Part 1

Let's Talk: Unraveling Whiteness with Laurie Lippin, Ph.D. - Part 2

APTi Keynote Series 2021: Jane Kise

APTi Keynote Series 2021: Roger Pearman

APTi Keynote Series 2021: Richard Thompson

APTi Keynote Series 2021: Rob Toomey

Easiest Tips to Avoiding 100 Years of Type Objections with Sterling Bates

MBTI® Research Then and Now: My Experiences During a Decade of Research in the '90s with Keith McCormick

Rational and irrational consciousness: Two profoundly different ways of orienting to the world with John Beebe

Strategies for Positive Impact and Influence with Catherine Stothart

What Jung Might Advise Going Forward in a Polarized Age - Roger Pearman



Type in Today's World: Unintended Consequences of Type in the Cloud with Linda Berens

Priming the Alchemy of Opposites with Dario Nardi



2019 Type Luminaries Series including:

  • Angelina Bennet
  • Peter Geyer
  • Allen Hammer, Ph.D.
  • David Hodgson
  • Betsy Kendall
  • Carol Linden
  • Roger Pearman
  • Markey Read
  • Sharon Richmond
  • Catherine Stothart
  • Dick Thompson

The 2019 Type Luminaries Series is available for purchase by contacting [email protected].



2018 Type Luminaries Series including:

  • John Beebe
  • Linda Berens
  • Sue Blair
  • Eve Delunas
  • Katherine Hirsh
  • Jane Kise
  • Mark Majors
  • Bob McAlpine
  • Dario Nardi
  • Susan Nash
  • Hile Rutledge
  • Rob Toomey

The 2018 Type Luminaries Series is available for purchase by contacting [email protected].



Managing Workplace Conflict Now That Millennials Are In The Mix with Saundra Stroope

Experiencing Jung’s 8 Mental Function Model Through a New Lens with Laura Trozzi

Interviewing and Job Transition for Introverts and Extroverts with Carol Linden

Making Meeting Work for All Types with Carol Linden

Stronger from the Inside Out with Julie Benesh

Type, Goals, and Business Planning: Using Your Natural Style to Your Advantage Series with Markey Read

It's About Time: How Different Types Interact with Time 

Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Finding & Attracting Customers

Knowing Your Competitors

Your 8-Pointed Star: Finding the Facets of Marketing that will help your Business Sparkle

Making a Living: Pricing Your Products and Services