Pearman Personality Integrator Certification

Presented by Laura Trozzi, CEO of Branching Out



Sunday, July 16th and Monday, July 17th

9am to 5pm

Cost: $1,600


Going back to the roots of personality type theory while incorporating new insights into the way individuals operate in the 21st century, the Pearman enables you to see the whole personality system at work for your clients.  Authored by Dr. Roger Pearman, one of the world’s preeminent experts in the field of personality type, this tool encapsulates over 30 years of research and exploration on the nature of psychological type.

The Pearman examines two distinct aspects: personality type at the mental function level, from both a natural and demonstrated perspective, as well as the level of agility and flexibility one leverages at a given time. While we know that personality type is innate, this tool allows individuals to determine what they need to do to develop their flexibility in order to move within and across mental functions as required in their day-to-day lives. Coaches are able to leverage this tool in several ways: self-awareness of how comfortable an individual is in using the different mental functions, as well as an awareness of what is required of us. By also examining the level of flexibility, coaches can have deep development conversations with clients around challenges and leverage points. The Coach and Client reports allow both coaches and clients to walk away with a comprehensive look at the whole individual. 

This 2 day certification program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to administer the assessment, generate reports, and give feedback to your clients using the Pearman. This program is approved by the International Coach Federation for the following CCE credits: Core Competencies 10.23 & Resource Development 4.83. It is also approved by the American Psychological Association for 14.5 CE credits.

In this interactive hands-on program you will:

  1. Be able to interpret and provide feedback on the Pearman Personality Integrator
  2. Be able to experience the Pearman by taking the assessment and getting personal feedback on their results
  3. Be able to articulate the importance flexibility and agility within personality type plays in achieving success in work and life

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