‘TypeFace’ is the quarterly magazine of the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT), and includes articles and news covering a wide variety of topics related to the MBTI® and other personality type instruments. This is a key benefit of BAPT membership, but it is also made available on a complimentary basis to other APTs, such as APT International and the Australian APT, where it is placed in the ‘Members’ Section’ of their web sites so is not available to the general public. The archive is held at the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT) where articles can be downloaded free from any of the issues from the magazine’s inception in 1989 to two years from the current issue. The latest two years are only available to members (http://www.capt.org/MILO/TypeFace.htm).

Regular features include theoretical articles written by UK and international experts; articles relating to the application of type in different areas (Careers & Occupations, Diversity & Multicultural Issues, Education, Learning and Development, Management & Organizational Development, Psychotherapy & Counselling and Religion & Spirituality).

There are also reports of recent type-related conferences and workshops; a regular column outlining new developments in research; book and film reviews; and more light-hearted items such as ‘Guess the Type of the Celebrity/Politician’, etc.

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